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We are grateful for donations of any amount to help us tell Lo​ïe Fuller's extraordinary story. 

To make a tax-deductible contribution by credit card, click on the DONATE button below to be directed to the secure website of our fiscal sponsor, The Gotham.


To make an international or non-deductible contribution, please use the PAYPAL button below to make a PayPal or credit card payment.


To make a U.S. tax-deductible contribution by check, please make your check payable to The IFP Fiscal Sponsorship and add Obsessed with Light  in the memo section.


Please send checks to: 

Between the Rivers Productions, LLC

56 Oakwood Avenue

Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

Our Team and our Partners

Alberto Litchi Farca

Alden Peters

Alice Helpern

Allan Rappaport

Amy Cheng Vollmer

Angela Cali

Angela Meredith-Jones

Anne McGuire

Anthony Concannon

Barbara Porter

Benjamin Fein

Beth Margolis and Tom Kerrigan

Betty Murphy

Bobbie Marquis

Bonnie Yochelson

Brian Heidtke

Brenda Grassey

Bryna Linette and Peter Shapiro

Carol Geremia

Catherine Raia Silliman

Cathy Fink

Celia Radek and Larry Engelstein

Charlotte Fowler

Chelsea Bannan

Christina Cotton and Brian Clarkson

Christina Malle

Christopher White

Clifford Hudis

Colette Smith and Goetz Grossman

Cynthia Kane

David McCormick

David Reichman

Deborah Jerome

Dominik Vock

Doris Krauthammer

Francis Plowden

Frederick Lautzenheiser

Gail Spilsbury

Gail Woodley-Attella

Genie Reichman

Glenn Tilley

Goertz Grossman

Harvey Weinberg

Helen Tschudi

High Voltage Productions

H. Jeanne M. Laber

The Houston Family

Howard J Whitaker

Jack Bekhor

Jake Reichman

James Chandler

Jane Azia and Rob Quaintance

Jane Fletcher Geniesse

Jane Hurt

Janet Wallach

Janet Jarman

Jean McGlothlin

Jennifer Stockman

Jill Kupferberg

Joan Porter MacIver

Joan Morgenstern

Joanne Mansfield

Joanne Ramos

John Reichman

Judith Rodriguez

Judy Dimon

Judy Lieberman

Judy Somberg

Julia Van Haaften

Karen Jakes

Karin Epstein Kuhns

Katherine Harris

Katrin Ewald

Kenneth and Sandy Abeles

Laura K. Lloyd

Laurie and Jay Mandelbaum

Lindsay and Lee Major

Lisa Sippel

Liz Heinecke

Lorraine Ward

Lorenzo Shapiro Shein

Lori Cheatle

Lori Weitzner

Lucy Galbraith

Lyn Hughes and Art Ferrara

Marcia Marley and Peter Rappoport

Margaret Bodde

Margaret Crimmins

Martha Michelson

Mary Lynn and Alan Gaddis

Matthias Erik Vock

Meryl Moskowitz

Myriam and Philipp Krayenbühl

Namita Luthra

Nancy Reichman and Charlie Gwirtsman

Nelsena Burt-Spano

Pamela Bowman

Pamela Harris

Pamela Hogan

Pascal Fouché

Patrice Dlugos

Patti Askwith Kenner

Paula Sanders

Raegan and Robert Lange

Rebecca and Jim Neary

Regina Scharf and Niklaus Krayenbühl

Rona Richter and Michael Krauthammer

Ruth Clapper

Ruth Levine

Sabine Wild

Sara Savage

Sean Duggan

Scott Saunders

Sharon Collaros

Shonna Valeska

Sterling Youngman

Sue and Gene Flamm

Susan MacLaury and Albie Hecht

Susan Belen

Susan Block

Susan T. Rodriguez

Suzanne and Mark Roth

Terry Johnson

Thelma Schoonmaker

Toby Sitnick

Tony Concannon

Ute and Thomas Krayenbühl

Vicki Wittenstein

Victoria Phillips

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